Veterinary Social Work

An ESAD Veterinary Social Worker’s (VSW) primary responsibilities are to provide many facets of emotional support and short term interventions.

Client care

  • Provide support and counseling to clients
  • Provide pet loss counseling to clients, by video call, ongoing follow ups as per need
  • Facilitate end of life decision making with clients
  • Provide education and therapy on issues such as compassion fatigue, stress management, work/life balance, communication, grief and pet loss

Therapeutic role

Veterinary Social Work (VSW) recognizes the vital therapeutic role of the human and animal bond, and focuses on four areas:

  • Compassion fatigue and conflict management
  • Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI)
  • The link between human and animal violence
  • Animal-related grief and bereavement

In addition, ESAD’s will educate and advocate best practices in mental health awareness.