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We’re ESAD, an industry-leading website that connects individuals with licensed mental health care professionals. People from all across America rely upon our service to help them qualify for legitimate emotional support animal letters.

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That’s why we’re proud to offer ESAGuard, a service of ESAD that offers 100% fee protection* for our emotional support animal products.

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Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work developing our next generation of ESA letters. With the introduction of Version 3, our letters are now fully compliant with HUD’s latest program guidance and incorporate Delta’s recent rule changes.

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We’ve simplified the recommendation process through our online assessment, verifying an psychologically disabled individual’s need of emotional support animal.

ESA Letters: What you need to read

Here's what you need to know to secure a legitimate emotional support animal letter.

How this works: In three easy steps, you'll place an order, take an online exam, and chat with a local licensed therapist. Here's a guide to how that works.

How to qualify: An emotional support animal is a type of assistance animal that is recognized as a “reasonable accommodation” for a person with a disability under the federal Fair Housing Act. Two different federal laws regulate emotional support animal letters. Here's how we go about qualifying clients.

Are we legitimate: Are you legitimate is one of the more common questions we answer, often asked by frustrated visitors who muddled thru the online riff-raff. Learn insider tips and tricks to avoid getting scammed.

Reviews: Check out our amazing authentic reviews are not by accident, as we provide extraordinary service to each and every client.

ESAD Shopping Guarantee: Learn more about the ESAD Shopping Guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority; which includes our lowest price guarantee. All completely free.

All orders enjoy our ESAGuard letter protection program and the ESAD Shopping Guarantee.

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